Hope bio, short

Hope Katz Gibbs is an award-winning journalist, author, entrepreneurial business strategist, and the owner of Inkandescent Public Relations: PR for Entrepreneurs. Since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986, she has written for USA Today, The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, Costco, General Electric, USPS, and Verizon, among dozens more publications and corporations. In 2001, Hope got into the PR business and in the years since has represented more than 350 clients ranging from the large organizations such as the City of Fairfax Schools, the Grateful American™ Foundation, and the international video firm Crews Control — to small businesses, including futurist think tanks, financial services companies, insurance brokers, restauranteurs, authors, artists, and cooking schools. Learn more at hopegibbs.com and InkandescentPR.com.