Sonya Gavankar: TV reporter, former Miss DC + the "face of the Newseum"

  • Are you a business professional about to make your first TV appearance?
  • Do you have to give presentations in front of large groups?
  • Do you want to land more television and media interviews to boost your own or your organization’s public image?

“More television networks are turning to experts like you to provide analysis and expertise for news stories,” knows TV personality, former Miss DC, and broadcast journalist Sonya Gavankar. “Even if you are not an expert presenter, TV has unique challenges that you need to be prepared for.”

She explains: “With the need to fill a 24-hour news cycle and create online content, media outlets are turning to business professionals for news analysis and expertise. Television, radio, and online interviews often present unique challenges for which the most experienced professional is unprepared. Making a good impression is essential in boosting your organization’s public image.”

Here’s how Sonya can help fine-tune your presentation for a digital news environment.


  • Analysis and Feedback of Prior Appearances: $250 — Useful feedback is imperative for successful media training. Sonya will analyze and provide feedback via email for up to three previous appearances/videos.
  • Live Consultation and Media Assessment: $750 — Sonya will provide up to 45 minutes of live and in-person consultation to discuss your unique style using two existing videos.
  • Teleprompter Consultation: $750 — Using a teleprompter can be a big challenge, but Sonya will use her experience and unique techniques to teach you how to quickly and easily read a teleprompter for presentations to large groups.
  • Add Additional Time to Teleprompter: $300 — Add an additional 30-minute mock interview and real-time video assessment to any of the above packages.
  • Video Presentation Production Plan: $1,500 — Sonya and her team will help you create a production plan, graphics, and message for video presentation. The price of this package is normally $4,500 but you can have your video presentation professionally created, edited, and produced for a third of the price!