Jan Fox: Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist

Acclaimed DC broadcaster Jan Fox’s four Emmy Awards attest to her stellar 30-year career in local network news. But don’t ask her where she went to Journalism school. The only woman role model on TV when Fox was a kid was Lucille Ball on “I Love Lucy.”

Fox herself is amazed at the contrast between her childhood — spent growing up poor in Shelbyville, Indiana — and her professional life of interviewing many celebrities and US presidents.

Of course, if you’ve lived in the DC Metro area, you’ll recognize Fox immediately. She was a four-time Emmy-winning journalist at WUSA 9 for almost 20 years. Before that, at ABC in Boston and NBC in Portland, ME.

For life after TV, Fox put up the shingle — Fox Talks — teaching you, her audiences, and her clients to Sharpen Your SPEAKability.

Her book, “GET YOURSELF on TV,” gives you INsider secrets to get INside the studio.

She’s also on the board of the National Speakers Association DC chapter. Little known fact — a couple of live lobsters snagged the Channel 9 job. You’ll have to ask her!



Sharpen Your SPEAKability: Increase Your Impact

Are you:

  • Speaking in public, but needing to cure knocking knees?
  • Going on sales calls, but looking to power up your close?
  • Presenting to your team, but wanting to persuade more effectively?
  • Communicating lots of words, but wishing for better connections with the audience?
  • Dreaming big, but believing you could deliver your vision with more passion?

Jan’s dynamic, interactive, action-packed SPEAK TWEAKS Program guarantees that you will walk out a more powerful and compelling speaker. Quick results!

  • Learn one physical move that makes your new confidence almost palpable.
  • Discover your personal power points — not on the screen — on your body!
  • Cure the “uhms”, “errrs”, and “ahhs” — your sure message blockers — once and for all.
  • Figure out where your eyes should really look. Angelina Jolie will show you, sort of, and you won’t forget it.
  • Work the room like a pro. Are you a Glue Stick, a Hider, or a Bumble Bee? You’ll see what you need to be to deliver with power.
  • Stop “Stall Language” that keeps you from getting to your most important points.
  • Make your hands a deliberate part of your presentation. Get rid of “Dreaded Hanger Disease.”
  • Fix what you don’t like about your voice type. Do you know it?
  • Avoid the voice “Flat line.”
  • Cure “Death by Podium.”
  • Understand Q&A is not the enemy.
  • Put the power in your PowerPoint.

Speak Tweaks Hot Seat: Participants will have a chance to experience the “Speak Tweaks Hot Seat.” Deliver lines from a presentation. Instant laser-coaching critiques.

You will walk out with a MiniBuk of 5 Minute Speak Tweak practice plans you can do in your car or anywhere. Includes: 25 PowerPoint Points, Pitch Pattern, Business Story Outline.

“I have seen hundreds, maybe thousands of PowerPoints around the world. This is in the top 5 percent. Good. Really good. Original.” — Sam Horn, best-selling author of “POP!: Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Anything”


  • You have an idea, project, or business, but can’t get media attention?
  • You think you would be a good spokesperson for a topic, but don’t get the call?
  • You get the nod for a TV segment, and say, “Yikes! What do I do now?”
  • You were excited to be on the radio, but sounded boring?

This hyper-interactive, fun-filled, fast-paced workshop gives you insider secrets on how to get yourself and your business on local TV. You’ll learn what you should do and not do in front of the camera or the microphone.

  • Get the producer’s attention fast.
  • Create ready-made, easy-to-deliver segments.
  • Think out of your eyeballs! Find out why that’s so important.
  • Speak in 15-second memorable, Tweetable sound bites.
  • Learn what you can forget about at the studio — what the producer handles.
  • Learn what you have to handle at the studio.
  • Train the host/interviewer! It’s your time.
  • Posture up for chair, couch, desk, or standing.
  • Dress, comb, and paint for the lights and big cameras.
  • Practice the “Repeat Invite TZ.”
  • Promise not to drink the newsroom coffee!

3: TV-TIME HOT SEAT — Participants can take a turn as the TV guest. Instant laser-coaching critiques.

You will walk out with your outline for your self-contained media segment!

You will receive a download link for a free article: “No MuuMuu, Please! How to Land a Guest Spot on TV and What to Do When You Get There.”

“Since my arrival in DC, I have tried for no less than five years to get on TV. Within one month of meeting Jan Fox, I was on CBS! She rocks!” — Omekongo Dibinga, author and activist

“It’s a lot easier than you think to take control of your mouth and your listeners’ ears!” — Jan Fox

Each session is 1.25 – 1.5 hours long

  • $1,499 for three sessions
  • $2,299 for five sessions
  • $3,349 for seven sessions

To book Jan Fox, send an email to hope@inkandescentpr.com.