Hilary Blair + Robin Miller: ARTiculate Real&Clear

If you are a public speaker, put a check mark next to all of the following statements that apply:

  • Your speaking style keeps coworkers or audiences wanting to hear more.
  • You make your point with impact — in a clear, powerful way.
  • You walk into every interview or new business pitch feeling calm, clear-headed, and in control.
  • You walk out of every interview or new business pitch feeling you clearly hit a home run.
  • Your presentation and PowerPoint work together to tell a clear, compelling story.
  • You see the audience nodding and smiling, telling you they are really listening to your advice.
  • After a presentation, audience members flock to you with kudos.

If you didn’t check at least three of statements above, you might need a little boost before you give your next presentation. Hilary Blair and Robin Miller are here to help.

Blair (pictured above) is an experienced actor, presentation and speaking voice expert. Miller pictured right) is an energetic, motivational keynote speaker. They teamed up to co-found ARTiculate: Real & Clear, which combines their passions for performance with their desire to help revolutionize the way we think about clear communication.

They have crafted their approach from multiple theories learned from creative disciplines in order to train engaging and insightful means of communication. “We consider ourselves to be ‘communication chiropractors,’ with the goal of helping everyone we coach align their voice, message, and presentation to connect with audiences small and large,” Hilary and Robin explain.

  • Learn even more about how to be the best public speaker you can be by watching a series of short, effective videos on ARTiculateTV.

ARTiculate Real & Clear
Speaker Training Packages

PACKAGE 1: Communication Chiropractic — Be Trustworthy!

Align Your Verbal, Your Non-Verbal, and Your Message, and Step Into the Impact

Are you contradicting yourself? Is your body sending one message and your voice another? Are those messages different from the message the words themselves convey? Explore and examine from a totally new perspective — that of a veteran performer and teacher — exactly what you are “saying,” and then give yourself a little chiropractic adjustment so that you’ll be brave enough to truly step into your message.

The three ways you communicate when public speaking — verbal (your voice), non-verbal (your body and a whole lot more), and your message (those words so carefully chosen) — all have to say the same thing. If they don’t, you will often come across as untrustworthy, hiding something, or disconnected. These sessions will give you the tools to align and step into your true communication impact.

PACKAGE 2: Your Voice — Portray or Betray You?

Your speaking voice is a key to your powerful, clear, and authentic communication. Learn ways in which your voice impacts your message — on the phone, one-on-one, in a recording, or in a presentation — learn that you have more control over it than you realize.

PACKAGE 3: Can your client hear your message?

Years of work with stage and commercial scripts have made finding the story and guiding the message second nature for our coaches. Your message will be honed and developed so that the story and desired outcome are clearly communicated.

Most of us use our voices every day. Take the time to adopt new communication techniques in this fun, entertaining, and extremely useful talk, presentation, or workshop.

PACKAGE 4: Executive Presence for Leadership: Harness the Power of Voice and Non-Verbals on How We Impact Those Around Us

More and more, audiences have high expectations for public speakers, and expect speakers to have executive presence. Executive presence is connected to personal brand, communication style, and the ability to share information clearly and effectively. Years as performers and facilitators have given Blair and Miller a unique understanding of the vast number of elements that go into how we communicate and how we are perceived — and thus received. As a consultant, are you walking into the situation with confidence and executive presence? Are you comfortable listening and speaking? Can you read the room? This highly interactive presentation can effectively change how you show up — and thus, how you do business.

Virtual sessions, 1.25 – 1.5 hour each

  • 3 sessions: $1,050
  • 5 sessions: $1,750
  • 10 sessions: $3,500

To book a session with Hilary Blair and Robin Miller, send an email to hope@inkandescentpr.com, or call 844-Inky-PR8.