Press Release: Louise Mirrer Shows Us the Hidden Treasures of the New-York Historical Society


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Washington, DC, February 10, 2015 — Have you had the pleasure of visiting the New-York Historical Society Museum & Library? This month, David Bruce Smith, founder of Grateful American™ TV and co-host Hope Katz Gibbs traveled to New York City to interview Louise Mirrer, the president and CEO of the museum, which is the oldest in New York City and predates the founding of the Metropolitan Museum of Art by nearly 70 years. Its art holdings comprise more than 1.6 million works.

In this episode, Mirrer tells us about:

  • The genesis of the New-York Historical Society: The New-York Historical Society Museum & Library (NYHS) was founded at a time when artifacts were considered to be treasures, and the public was considered to consist of people who would ruin them if allowed to come near them. Built in 1904 by architects who built banks all over New York, it was designed as a vault, with the goal of keeping the treasures locked inside where they would be safe from the public.
  • The Tiffany collection, as well as hundreds of artifacts from the Revolutionary War. Mirrer explains, “Our Tiffany collection is one of the largest, most beautiful collections in the world. Not only are we able to show off the gorgeous lamps, but we are able to tell a story that very few institutions can tell, certainly not on a permanent basis. That is the story of women’s history, because creating these lamps provided opportunities in New York for women that no other place in the world offered.”
  • Does the collection continuously change? “It does, and that’s because we are a thriving, breathing institution that focuses on history,” Mirrer says. “And the fact is that history changes every day.”

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