Dave Beck Featured on Let's Talk Live: Do You Have a Child with Special Needs?

Dec. 20, 2014 — If you have a child with special needs, planning ahead for his or her financial future—especially in terms of insurance—is complex. “The reason is that every situation presents itself with a different set of circumstances,” explains insurance agent Dave Beck.

Today, the partner at the Tyson’s VA financial services firm, Egan Berger & Weiner LLC, shared a three-part process to help make it easier to develop a strategy that will work for your family on Let’s Talk Live.

Reporter Angela Stribling asked Beck:

1) How do parents begin to prepare for a child with special needs?

2) What are some of the legal considerations parents should consider when planning for a child with special needs?

3) What are the major considerations of insurance planning the parents of a child with special needs?

4) What are the major considerations that need to be taken into account in retirement planning for parents of children with special needs?

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