In the News: Chris Carbone talks to The Washington Post about Experiential Gifts

THE WASHINGTON POST EXPRESS, Dec. 14, 2007 — Your friends seem to have everything, or are steering clear of accumulating more “stuff,” so what do you buy them this holiday season?

In a December 14 article for The Washington Post Express, reporter Kris Coronado suggested Washingtonians tap into a new trend of buying experiential gifts. “Whether it’s climbing Machu Picchu or an IOU for a trip to the zoo, gifts one does instead of throws in the back of a closet are becoming a favorite option of buyers,” she wrote in her article, “Experiential Gifts Create a Can-Do Spirit”.

For insight into the trend, Coronado turned to Social Technologies’ Director of Programs Chris Carbone:

The last five years have seen a definite shift toward such gifts, says Chris Carbone of Social Technologies, a D.C.-based firm that tracks consumer trends. “We have enough spin in politics and in reality TV shows that turn out to be staged,” he explains. “In our own lives, we’re looking for something more real and genuine. Experiences are as real as it gets.”

What are some of the best picks? Coronado suggested a handful of ideas, including steel drum lessons, home hennas, and zipline tours.