In the News: Entrepreneur Magazine interviews Peter von Stackelberg about Nanotechnology

ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE, May 2008 — Is your company ready for the nanotech boom? For an article entitled “Small Wonders” that appears in the May issue of Entrepreneur magazine, reporter Andrea Cooper talked to Social Technologies’ Peter von Stackelberg about a brief he wrote on the future of nanomaterials.

In her article, Cooper writes: Social Technologies, a global research and consulting firm, asked experts worldwide to predict the most important scientific and technological breakthroughs with significant commercial value through the year 2025.

Nanomaterials was named one of the top 12 areas. The 2007 report defined nanotechnology as the creation of particles, fibers, films, coatings and other materials between 1 and 100 nanometers in size. von Stackelberg said major accomplishments in nanotech will dramatically change “the materials and processes used to produce many of our consumer and industrial products.”

Additional fields spotlighted in the Social Technologies report include construction (imagine a self-cleaning floor with an anti-microbial nanocoating); leisure goods (your tennis racket may already be reinforced with carbon nanotubes to make it stiffer and lighter); and consumer products (nanoparticles in sunscreen is one controversial application).