In the News: Christopher Kent talks to TVWeek about The Future of TV

TELEVISIONWEEK, May 11, 2008 — “Television today is in a state of flux,” writes TelevisionWeek correspondent Allison J. Waldman in the May 11 issue of the magazine. “New technologies, multiple platforms, decreasing audience share for the major networks, emerging digital interactivity—how will the industry adapt to the changes and make them television viable and thriving in the decade ahead?”

For a glimpse of the future, Walden interviewed Social Technologies’ futurist Christopher Kent. Here’s a bit of what he had to say about where TV going to be in the next 15 years:

Your question of where really hits on it, because the really big thing in the next 15 years is going to be moving away from the traditional television set itself, with programming being in a number of different places. We’re already starting to see this a bit today with iPods and Apple TV, but the emergence of mobile TV on any number of platforms—be it your phone, a media player, even in your car—the where is the big thing with mobile standards now being finalized. It was in Europe last year, and the U.S. is still working on it. The future of television is going to be mobile. It’s going to be less sitting in front of the TV and more taking your TV with you.