In the News: Ely Delany Interviews Hope Gibbs for Radio Show, "Kick Your Marketing Into High Gear"

May 1, 2014, Driving Your Marketing Radio — In this episode of “Kick Your Marketing Into High Gear,” host Ely Delaney talks with Hope Katz Gibbs about “The Trifecta Of Small Business Failure,” and how to turn it around to small business success. Hope is an entrepreneur with mission running multiple businesses all under on core mission: “Promote, educate and inspire entrepreneurs.”

“From her PR firm to the success her entrepreneur magazine, radio show and publishing company, the core mission covers them all and keeps her business and her clients on the path to success,” Delaney explains.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is the trifecta for small business failure and how to overcome it
  • People love stories, but what makes a great story?
  • How consistency will take you further
  • Why saying “no” will open the door for more “yes”
  • The keys to juggling multiple projects and keeping same
  • and much, much more…

Click here to listen to the episode.