In the News: Author and PR expert Hope Katz Gibbs Featured on "Money For Lunch" Radio Show

April 24, 2014, MoneyforLunch — On today’s episode of Bert Martinez’ radio show, Money For Lunch, he interviewed PR expert Hope Katz Gibbs, author of PR Rules: The Playbook.

Martinez asked Gibbs:

  • What inspired you to write “PR Rules: The Playbook.”
  • In your book, you write about “The Trifecta of Small Business Failure.” These are the three mistakes you see almost every small business owner make. What are they?
  • How can entrepreneurs turn the trifecta on its head?
  • You have been a reporter for more than 30 years, writing for publications including The Washington Post, USA Today, and Costco’s magazine, The Connection. How does being a journalist help you with your PR business?
  • Why did you get into the PR business in the first place when you launched

Click here to listen to the interview.