In the News: Social Technologies on the CBS Early Show, The Future of Men

CBS EARLY SHOW, July 3, 2008 — Featured today on the CBS Early Show was a spot on the study Social Technologies’ conducted this spring for Spike TV on “The Future of American Men.” Watch the segment here

At a very man-friendly bar called the Black Sheep Pub and Restaurant in Philadelphia, CBS Early Show anchor Maggie Rodriguez talked to five men who each represented one of the personas outlined in the study. From the plaza of the GM building in New York City, she introduced the piece with this:

MAGGIE RODRIGUEZ: Let’s talk about men. The guy network Spike TV teamed up with Social Technologies and discovered there are basically five different types of guys, as I’ve mentioned: young carefrees, worry warriors, good ol’ boys, mac daddies, and above-average Joes. And lucky me, I got to spend time with each type earlier this week at the Black Sheep Bar in Philadelphia.

She then cut to the segment in which she interviewed each guy—as well as Chris Carbone, Social Technologies’ Director of Programs and author of the study, and Kimberly Maxwell, the senior director of brand and consumer research for Spike TV. Some excerpts:

MAGGIE RODRIGUEZ: To understand the modern day man, just look around this table. What’s more important, time with your girlfriend or time with the buddies?

Mr. DREW McKENNA (Young and Carefree): Oh! Time with the girlfriend.

MAGGIE RODRIGUEZ: It shouldn’t be so hard to answer.

Mr. McKENNA: It was pretty quick, it was pretty quick.

MAGGIE RODRIGUEZ: What about you?

NICK COONEY (Young and Carefree): Time with the girlfriend is also more important. Looking for and dating the sort of girl I would want to marry, though not wanting to get married right now or any time soon.

RODRIGUEZ: Spoken like a true young carefree, the first category of men.

CHRIS CARBONE (Futurist, Social Technologies): The young carefrees, they’re really all about their friends. Their friends are their real focal point.

RODRIGUEZ: So, you know, other young carefrees are Justin Timberlake and Zach Braff. You think you’re like Justin Timberlake? Do you think you relate to him?
Mr. COONEY: Yeah, people compare me all the time to Justin Timberlake. Yeah.

RODRIGUEZ: Yeah. I can see that.
From carefree men to the opposite: worry warriors. These men are stressed out, well-educated, high earners, like father of two Seth Aurebach.
Do you think that you are a worry warrior?

Mr. SETH AUREBACH (Worry Warrior): I like the warrior side of it better, you know, the worry—yes, you know, finances and, you know—you know, just the sense of keeping up with the Joneses a bit. So, yeah.
RODRIGUEZ: Not surprisingly, these worrywarts are most likely to have a mid-life crisis. Think Larry David in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”
(Excerpt from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”)

RODRIGUEZ: You’re rugged, stoic and pragmatic.

Mr. LARRY CONNOR (Good Ol’ Boy): Mm-hmm.


Mr. CONNOR: I am.
RODRIGUEZ: Larry Connor is considered a good ol’ boy, macho and traditional, like Josh Brolin and Harrison Ford.
In a perfect world, would you be the breadwinner and your wife would stay home with the kids?

Mr. CONNOR: If my wife could stay home and take my kids to Gymboree and take them out and—like she does right now all the time, you know, for the rest of their lives, it’s perfect.

Mr. TROY DAWES (Above Average Joe): I’m not really a macho type of guy.

RODRIGUEZ: Finally, the above average Joe, metrosexual males like Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, who look at the ladies in their lives as equals.
So I bet that you’re the kind of dad who really helps with changing the diapers and making the food.

Mr. DAWES: Well, the diapers part is coming along. I try to make sure when I come home I try to give her a break from spending so much time with seven year olds and a four-year-old and a one-year-old. So, you know, whatever I can do to help out I’ll try.

RODRIGUEZ: Wow. Will you marry me? He’s already married and so am I. So what do you think, Jamal, what are you?

JAMAL: I’m one of like the hottest guys you’re ever going to have on the TV screen.

RODRIGUEZ: Oh, OK. That wasn’t a category, but it works.

JAMAL: I’m one of the carefree guys.

RODRIGUEZ: One of the carefrees. Now you know, you can quiz the men in your life.