In the News: Social Technologies' Andy Hines featured in Mildred Culp article, Marketing to Gen Y

COLUMNIST MILDRED CULP, June 29, 2008 — “You’re about to be playing in an entirely new ballgame if you’ve been marketing exclusively to baby boomers – unless you have a timeless product or service,” writes syndicated columnist Mildred Culp in a June 29 article, “Expand Your Marketing from Boomers to Gen Y.”

The piece ran in the Dallas Morning News, among other papers, and Culp interviewed Social Technologies’ futurist Andy Hines about how to connect with Millennials via their interest in environmentalism and sustainability, community, social responsibility (including humanitarian issues), and the Internet.

Appealing to those things is essential, said Andy Hines, a futurist in the Houston office of Social Technologies LLC. Mr. Hines said that Gen Y’s questions are geared toward obtaining tangible results, such as “How do we make the community a better place, the environment safer? What do we do to translate into people getting more food?”

His advice to business leaders: “Bring in a Gen Y intern to mentor you.”