Ed Reinsel's Portfolio

Ed Reinsel’s take on his three favorite videos, in his own words.

In Virginia, The Ballston LaunchPad Challenge is an initiative for visionaries to receive funding to develop their big idea. It took us multiple days to shoot everything in this 60-second spot.

This commercial ran in local theaters in Ballston and on the web to build interest in the contest. The announcement of the winners is in December 2013.

Click here to watch it.

AOL Home features this video we created featuring entrepreneurs Kirsten Quigley and Cris Bourelly. These two moms had an aha! moment—to make Lunchskins reusable lunch bags.

I spent an entire day with them to shoot this video. That’s what it takes to tell this story! I wanted to truly capture how they moved from concept to product to stores.

Click here to watch it.

NBC4 Washington hired me to do a promo, which took less than a day to shoot and told a nice story about teacher and poet Simone Jacobson for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. It is part of the community outreach NBC4 does for viewers.

Watch it.

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