History News Network: David Bruce Smith Publications LLC to publish history series for kids

By Rick Shenkman
History News Network

David Bruce Smith has a mission: to get young people more interested in American history.

Smith, the scion of a wealthy and prominent family in northern Virginia (his father, Robert H. Smith, was the president of the National Gallery of Art) founded David Bruce Smith Publications LLC in 2003.

The company specializes in the production of specialized, limited edition books on historic figures. His most recent is American Hero: John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States.

Smith’s latest project is The Grateful American Series™, which is described on his website as “an interactive, multimedia program designed to restore enthusiasm in American history for children.”

It will include a radio show, TV series, guidebooks featuring the presidential homes, promotional events, and an interactive website.

The first episode of the radio show is already available.

Click here to listen to the Grateful American Radio Show.

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