Table of Contents: PR Rules

In the beginning

iii. Dedication: For the lights in our lives — Anna Paige, Dylan Zane Gibbs + Miranda, Kerry, Eleanor and tony Reichardt + and Anne P. Gibbs, who saw what we missed. May you always Be Inkandescent!

iv. Quote by Benjamin Mee, We Bought a Zoo: Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of courage—literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery. And I promise, something great will come of it.

v. Table of Contents: The Rules

vi. Author’s Note: Hope Gibbs

vii. Foreword: Are you suffering from the Trifecta of small business failure?

viii. Quote by Jessica Hagy “Find the fulcrum. Below the obvious, behind the superficial, under the excuses and facades, you will find the crux of the matter. Work from that point. Proper leverage gets a hell of a lot of work done.”

ix. Preface: Gene Weingarten, Flack Yourself


1. The Three Parts of the Playbook: What You’ll Learn

2. PR Rules: Illustrations by Michael Gibbs


3-4. Defining Public Relations

5. Answer the 3 Essential Questions: What do you do? Why do you do it? How do you do it?

6. Know the Purpose of PR: Lee Woodruff

7. Appreciate the Tension Between Reporters and Publicists: Jeremy Hazlehurst

8-10. What Are the Best Strategies to Get Featured in the News?

11. PR Takeaways from our 8+ experts

Part I: Marketing

12. Defining Marketing

13. Forget Location, Location, Location. Think Strategy, Strategy, Strategy: Arlington Economic Development’s Director of BizLaunch, Tara Palacios

14-15. Enchantment is the Key to Marketing Success: Guy Kawasaki

16. Conscious Marketing is the Future: Carolyn Tate

Don’t Boil the Ocean: David Farmer, vp, EnvironicsPR

17. Create a Campaign to Build Your Credibility: HR and Hiring expert Barbara Mitchell, author The Essential HR Handbook, and The Big Book of HR

Make Sure Your Marketing Is Consistent and Reinforces Your Brand: Management expert, Alice Waagen, PhD, Workforce Learning

18. Educate Your Community: City of Fairfax Schools Chairman Janice Miller

Be Smart About Walking Your Talk: City Schools Superintendent Peter Noonan

19. Marketing Takeaways from our 8 experts

Part I: Advertising

20. Defining Advertising

21-23. The Future of Advertising to 2020: Futurist Derek Woodgate, president, The Futures Lab, Inc.

24. Are You Ready to Start Advertising on TV: WJLA-TV ABC producer Erin Hood

25. How Much Should You Spend on Your Ad Campaign?

26. Write That Book Already!: Author Sam Barry

Create Awesome Ads: Michael McGinn and Sharon Gresh, Michael McGinn Design Office

27. Track Your Success: Matt and Judy Curry, Curry’s Auto Service

28. Keep It Simple: Drs. John Jones and John Maguire: Simplicity Urgent Care

Use Good Taste: Chef Stephen Sands, Culinaria Cooking School

29. Advertising Takeaways from our 8+ experts

Part I: Social Media

30. Defining Social Media

31. The Future of Social Media: Futurist Simeon Spearman

32. Why Should You Use Social Media? Author Jennifer Abernethy, Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

33. How to Maximize Social Media: Miss District of Columbia, Sonya Gavankar

34. The Rise of Virtual Conferences: Ronnie Bincer, The Hangout Helper

35. Mom Knows Best: Kristine Carlson, Moms Virtual Conference

How to Be a Social Media Queen: Author Caroline Leavitt

36. Good Hair Cures Everything: Sonja and Merete Kristiansen, Blo Salon San Francisco

37. Using Social Media to Change the World: Michael Radparvar, Holstee

38. Crowdsourcing at Its Best: Charles Best, Donors Choose

39. Advertising Takeaways from our 8+ experts

Part I: Sales

40. Defining Sales

41. Don’t Let Your Lack of Sales Experience Stand In Your Way of Success: Gina Schaefer, “ACE Hardware”:

42. Selling With Noble Purpose: Author Lisa Earle McLeod

44. It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For, Author Roy Spence

46. The Power of the Soft Sell: Buddy Teaster, president,

47. Why Being Generous Sells, Amy Elizabeth Fox, leadership expert, Mobius Executive Leadership

48. What Can the Mafia Teach You? Author Louis Ferrante

49. Talk to Strangers: David Mattson, CEO, Sandler Training

50. Accounting and Sales Rules

  • How to Track Your Sales Progress, Gene Reynolds CPA
  • People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy You, sales rep Stefani Cuschnir
  • Stop Talking: Listen for What Your Customer Needs, sales rep Lisa DuBois Farrell

51. Advertising Takeaways from our 8+ experts

Part II: The 8 Steps to PR Success

52. Illustration by Michael Gibbs

53. Table of Contents: Get Ready to Supersize Your Small Business

54. The 8 Steps in Action

55. Introduction to the Entrepreneur’s Guide

Step 1: Create a Stunning Website

56. Illustration by Michael Gibbs
57. What it is, What it isn’t, Why it’s important
58. Play with it!
59. The Nitty Gritty
60. Grab Your Markers
61. Grab Your Mouse and Scissors

Step 2: Develop an Explosive PR and Marketing Campaign

62. Illustration by Michael Gibbs
63. What it is, What it isn’t, Why it’s important
64. Play with it!
65. Grab Your Markers
66. Fringe Benefits
67. Social Media Campaigns
68. Advertising Can Work to Your Advantage
69. How Many Times Does an Ad Have to Run — before people buy the advertised product or service: Thomas Smith

Step 3: Become a Columnist and a Radio Show Host

70. Illustration by Michael Gibbs
71. What it is, What it isn’t, Why it’s important
72. Play with it!
73. The Nitty Gritty
74. How to Host a Radio Show
75. Create a Wish List

Step 4: Make A Splash In the News

76. Illustration by Michael Gibbs
77. What it is, What it isn’t, Why it’s important
78. Play with it!
79. The Nitty Gritty
80. How to Roll Out Your Social Media Campaign
81. A Press Release On How to Write a Great Press Release

82. News You Can Use

  • Crisis management — Education page, The Washington Post: ACT College President Jeffery S. Moore in
  • Holiday hooks — CBS Philly: Kim and Edgar Alvarez, Avenida Restaurant

83-85. 8 Reasons to Raise Your Voice

Step 5: Network Wisely

86. Illustration by Michael Gibbs
87. What it is, What it isn’t, Why it’s important — and calculating your Networking ROI
88. Play with it!
89. The Nitty Gritty
90-91. Network Like a Rock Star: Roger McGuinn, founder of The Byrds
92. 10 Tips to Networking on the Golf Course: By John Byrne, founder, Into the Rough
93. Planning a Networking Event: Start With a Strong Invite: Robyn Henderson

Step 6: Join a Speakers Bureau

94. Illustration by Michael Gibbs
95. What it is, What it isn’t, Why it’s important
96. Play with it!
97. Turn Your Vision Into Reality
98-99. Giving Presentations May Not Be As Big a Risk as You Fear: Hilary Blair and Robin Miller, ARTiculate Real & Clear

Step 7: Write a Book

100. Illustration by Michael Gibbs
101. What it is, What it isn’t, Why it’s important
102. Play with it!
103. Write Your Book Outline
104. Feeling Stuck? Take a Break
105-107. 8 Secrets to Book-Publishing Success

Step 8: Pay It Forward

108. Illustration by Michael Gibbs
109. What it is, What it isn’t, Why it’s important
110. Play with it!
111. Time out
112-113. The Nitty Gritty
114-115. Rocker Michael Franti is Doing It For the Love

Part III: Case Studies and Inkandescent Insights

116. Illustration by Michael Gibbs
117. Table of Contents
118. Why These 8 Case Studies?
119. Meet the Featured Entrepreneurs
120-121. Let’s Get Started!

121-124. Rule 1: Be Inspiring
Raj Sisodia: On Conscious Capitalism

125-128. Rule 2: Be Insightful
Mansour Javidan: On Thinking Globally

129-132. Rule 3: Be Introspective
Kristine Carlson: On Leading With Love

133-138. Rule 4: Be Ingenious
Bert Jacobs: On Life is good
137. Playmaker Steve Gross: On the Importance of Play and the Life is good Kids Foundation

139-144. Rule 5: Be Interconnected
Dr. Esther Sternberg: On Healing Yourself

145-148. Rule 6: Be Imaginative
Ridley Pearson: On Living Your Dream

149-152. Rule 7: Be Intuitive
Dr. Helen Fisher: On the Science of Love and the questionnaire

153-158. Rule 8: Be Innovative
Fast Company co-founder Alan Webber: On Being a Global Detective

159. T.S. Eliot: “Only those who will risk gong too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

The End

160-161. About The Inkandescent Group, LLC

162-163. Index

164-166. Testimonials

167. Jack Kerouac: “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars…”

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