Press Release: Leaders of Swagelok / North Carolina take a Transformational Journey from Gettysburg


CEO Steve Smith and his team learned valuable leadership lessons at Steven Wiley’s Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg.

Gettysburg, PA, November 18, 2008CEO Steve Smith and his team of executives graduated last month from the three-day Transformational Journey from Gettysburg, a leadership training program designed by nationally-renown motivational speaker Steven B. Wiley, president of the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg.

“Part of being a good leader is listening and learning from other Leaders,” realizes Smith, who has participated in Wiley’s Transformational Journey three times in the last several years. “My company, Charlotte Valve and Fitting Company, is a distributor of Swagelok, and we are always learning from the experience of the leaders at Swagelok. They challenged us to improve our leadership skills and management skills to become an industry leading employer, and Steve Wiley’s program fits in perfectly with our goals.”

“We use the great Battle of Gettysburg as a metaphor for leadership training and teamwork,” explains Wiley. “This isn’t a history lesson, but rather a way to analyze powerful leadership strategies and tactics performed in a rapidly changing environment with limited information and limited resources – a place where many organizations find themselves today.”

Lessons learned

Director of Sales Ron Player, who is second in command at Smith’s Swagelok / Charlotte Valve and Fitting Company, attended the October session of the Journeys program and said it provided him with an incredible combination of history, analysis, humor, and insight into what we are doing right — and what we can improve on.

“Already Steve Smith and I are using terms like ‘left flank’ and ‘high ground,’” Player concludes. “Our experience in Gettysburg was invaluable.”

About The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg

Civil War history is a metaphor, and the battlefield a classroom, as Steven B. Wiley and his faculty of generals, ambassadors and historians help leaders at all levels of organizations understand how the lessons fought and won during the Battle of Gettysburg can translate into actionable lessons they can apply in their own companies. The capstone experience is the 3-day Transformational Journey from Gettysburg, an intimate, small group experience that explores specific Civil War case studies and provides participants with a unique team-building opportunity. For details, visit

*About Steven B. Wiley

Steven B. Wiley is the president of The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg and the founder of the Institute’s Communicating with Executive Presence program as well as their Transformational Journey from Gettysburg leadership development experience.

An entrepreneur, author, and acclaimed speaker who has influenced and entertained tens of thousands of top executives from around the world, Wiley uses his own business experience — as the founder of two international franchise organizations and a national chain of fleet management centers — to inspire audiences and help them learn essential leadership lessons using the Battle of Gettysburg as a useful metaphor.
Steve’s speaking experience includes three years as National Spokesperson for the Quaker Oats/Pritikin Longevity Centers for whom he has been featured in television commercials and advertisements in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and New York Times. In the last 10 years, he has conducted thousands of seminars on negotiation, sales leadership and wellness for numerous public and private sector organizations. For more information, visit

About Charlotte Valve & Fitting Company / Swagelok

Charlotte Valve and Fitting Company has been serving the Carolinas for over 30 years. Together with Ridge Valve and Fitting Company, located in Knoxville, Tennessee, we provide over 80 years of combined customer service and technical experience to help our customers win. Charlotte Valve and Fitting is a subsidiary of Swagelok Company, a $1.3 billion, privately held company that designs, manufactures, and delivers an expanding range of the highest quality fluid system products and solutions. Through dedicated, market-focused business units and a capable supply chain, we drive responsive solutions and deliver value to customers worldwide. For details visit: