Hope Katz Gibbs to Speaks at Webster University: Sept. 5, 2012

Hope Katz Gibbs was proud to speak on the “The Woman Manager” panel at Webster University’s DC Campus on September 5, 2012, 5:30 pm at Bolling Air Force Base.

The Woman Manager is a course where Webster University students examine the role of women in modern industrial society. Emphasis is placed on the particular difficulty women experience in assuming managerial roles in a predominantly male enterprise. Course content focuses on the managerial tools women managers may use to control their organizations.

Session Goals and Learning Objectives are:

  • To assess the impact of glass ceilings and other real or imagined barriers that affect women at work.
  • To recognize differences in the ways men and women communicate in business.
  • To explain why women may lead differently.
  • To explain how development of gender roles affect workplace issues.
  • To explore information relative to the status of women of color in the workplace.
  • To define and analyze the concept and process of disempowerment.
  • To explain the law and gender in management.
  • To explain the role of career paths, networking, mentoring, work/life balance and working abroad in women’s careers.
  • To discuss the entrepreneurial alternative for women managers.
  • To analyze women as change agents in an organization.

Other panelists included: Karen Thompson, Chief, Personnel Security Clearance Division, Department of Defense; Rochelle Galloway-Myles, Assistant Director, FDIC, and industry representatives.