In the News: Futurist Andy Hines in the New York Times

NEW YORK TIMES, December 13, 2007 — In an article that ran in the Dec. 13 issue of the New York Times, “You won’t find me in my office, I’m working,” reporter Lisa Belkin talked about the growing trend of “white space,” the place where workers go to think, write, and be creative. She spoke with S)T’s Andy Hines about the topic.

Hines said: “White space is “what we are looking for when we have thinking to do.”
Mr. Hines often starts his lectures by asking his audience to name the place where they come up with their most creative ideas. The profession and salary level and age of the respondents might vary from one audience to the next, he said, but the results are always the same.

The workplace, he said, is “either not mentioned or is mentioned near the very end of the list, after all the other places have been exhausted.” Mr. Hines, it should be noted, said he does his best work while running or reclining in his favorite chair.

Belkin and Hines continued their conversation later in the day on New York Public radio.

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