Speaking Topics: Barbara Mitchell's Hiring Rules

10 Tips for Making a “Sweat-Free” Hire

You know you need to hire someone to make your company or department more efficient and effective. But you want that person to be the right fit. You want someone who will be happy in their new job. And who will fit in with the corporate culture. It’s not an easy task.

In this speech: Mitchell offers 10 tips to help you hire well and to make the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. After all, that’s the point, right? Click here to read the list.

How to Create Wellness Programs in Today’s Workplace

In Chapter 29 of her latest book, The Big Book of HR, Mitchell talks about risk management. What better way to avoid risk than to incorporate wellness programs in today’s workplace? Indeed, many organizations already provide employee wellness programs, including nutrition and weight control, smoking cessation, stress reduction, and fitness. These programs yield healthier and more productive employees, which translates into savings on health insurance for the employer and the employee.

In this speech: Mitchell asks what else pays off? Motivating employees, and their family members, through information and incentives that encourage them to participate in wellness programs. Read more here.

Women and Work—What Will It Take to Land More Key Positions?

Women have long been making an impact on the world of work. The number of women in the workplace surged during World War II, of course, when companies had signed contracts with the government to produce war equipment for the Allies—and the men were deployed overseas. Women came to the rescue, and in the decades since have been taking the employment world by storm.

“Our numbers continue to increase each year. In 1984, 44 million women were in the workforce,” Mitchell explains. “By 2009, there were 72 million. And with this increase have come more opportunities for women to assume managerial positions. While we still aren’t equally represented in every C-suite, or in government, our numbers are growing.”

In this speech: Mitchell explains what it will take for more women to make their way into those key positions. Click here for more details.

When It Comes to Hiring Well, Managers Should Aim to Make Their Employees’ Dreams Come True

When it comes to hiring the right person for the job, remember that most applicants are hoping to find their dream job. Sure, they’ll settle for less, but wouldn’t it be great if your firm could help make those dreams come true? Keep this in mind, though. However great it sounds to make someone’s dream come true, you are running a business. So their dream job has to be doing something that will either make money for your organization, or bring in new customers or members.

In this speech: Mitchell says it is possible to balance your employees dreams with your needs. Managers simply need to be strategic.
1. Make a skill list.
2. Be clear with yourself.
3. Get the word out to your network that you are looking to fill a job.

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