Menu: Thanksgiving 2008 [Delaware Market House]

Design by Michael Gibbs
Concept and Writing by Hope Gibbs

Goal: With pocketbooks tightening due to the financial crisis, Chefs Kim and Edgar Alvarez were hoping customers would still turn to them to cater their Thanksgiving dinners. The goal of this menu was to make their clients know that not only would a meal catered by the Delaware Market House be delicious — it would be affordable, too.

Results: “We really pushed our Thanksgiving menu this year, thanks to the beautiful design by Michael Gibbs of Inkandescent Public Relations,” says Chef. “We put 8000 into the local newspaper to be distributed three weeks before the holiday, and then with the remaining 2000 we had printed proceeded to circulate them to every store in the area. We also gave them out to every customer who shopped with us. With the holiday still a few weeks away we’re not sure how it’ll go, but from the response we’ve gotten so far things are looking great!”

We’ll keep you posted.