Speaking Topics for Tara Sheahan

Conscious Leadership is an Inside Job

Leaders have an extraordinary ripple affect. We have the power to inspire greatness at home and in our workplace, by first inspiring it within ourselves. This can only occur through inner awareness of thoughts and beliefs that drive us every day. They can be fear-based or love-based. Right now, for example, what thoughts are driving YOU?

By tapping into our innate emotional intelligence, understanding the nature of the mind and it’s ‘patterns’ and ‘conditioning,’ we can release old beliefs that no longer serve us. Becoming conscious isn’t about changing who we are, it’s to better understand ourselves through self-acceptance and compassion. It’s to feel comfortable with ‘me,’ so others can do the same.

The result? Discovering that work IS play, with success and prosperity as a natural byproduct. Being inspired everyday becomes easier, as we choose the activities, people, and situations that lift us up. And relationship challenges are a golden opportunity to deepen our connection with those we love…and those that can be hard to love. CGL believes that it’s about the commitment to grow that makes a truly conscious leader.

In this speech, Tara Sheahan shares Conscious Global Leadership’s curriculum, which is supported by cutting-edge neuroscience to ‘upgrade’ the brain’s operating system. Sages in various traditions teach meditation, yoga, and the art of living in happiness.

“Our clients have deep and profound breakthroughs, and a desire to share what they’ve learned in their families, companies, and with other individuals like themselves who want to live a life of meaning,” Sheahan explains. “CGL offers a heart-centered revolution in leadership to restore balance to you, your workplace, and the world.”

Healing: Illness as a pathway to reach your highest potential

“Having spent four years with Lyme disease, followed by two years with an ovarian tumor which was non-cancerous but greatly affected my health, I know what it means to be sick,” says Tara Sheahan.

And yet, these two episodes in her life were a deeply important part of her transformation.

“Losing my ‘self image’ of ‘super mom, uber athlete,’ was both terrifying and freeing,” she explains. “When I let go of who I thought I was supposed to be, healing happened.”

In this speech:

  • Tara talks about reframing illness, and seeing it as a pathway to a remarkable life.
  • With her husband, Patagonia president Casey Sheahan (pictured here) she talks about how she climbed her way back to health—and to creating the Conscious Global Leadership.

Olympic Level Leadership

Prior to getting married, I worked my way up the corporate ladder, finally becoming a company vice president in the field of sports marketing and television. We produced network sports programming, and represented world class athletes. A big part of my success was early years training and racing for elite cross country ski racing, and recent training in mindfulness and neuroscience.

In this speech:

  • Tara talks about how strength and fitness translates directly to how we flourish as leaders.
  • She teaches the audience simple ‘how to’s’ in beginning body and mind fitness training.

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