Praise for Derek Woodgate

James L. Martin, Sr. VP
Incite Director, GSD&M
“Derek is an engaging, interesting, and involved presenter—no matter what the subject matter he is talking about. Whenever I hire him to be a keynote, sit on a panel, or conduct a workshop, I can always count on Derek to bring a unique perspective and expansive thinking to the event.”

Ashley Smith, Director of Innovation Strategy, Philips Electronics, Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Even within the field of ‘Futurology’, Derek blew us away with quantity and quality of trends and innovations he is tracking. The true secret of his success, of course, is his ability to link these marvels to the business issues that we were facing right now.”

Candido Peterlini, SVP Innovation, The Fiat Group
“Derek is a creative and inspirational person that helps people and companies to open their eyes through an innovative and effective approach. We will be inviting him back to speak to us many times in the coming years.”