Menu: Catering [Delaware Market House]

Design by Michael Gibbs
Concept and Writing by Hope Gibbs

Goal: Catering is the focus at the Delaware Market House, so our goal was to provide a quality menu that was enticing and looked as high-end and sophisticated as the dishes Chefs Kim and Edgar Alvarez prepare.

Solution: Following the same branding, quality, and approach of previous menus, Michael Gibbs designed a 4-panel catering menu that on the inside features Party Platters (breakfast and brunch, lunch and dinner, business meetings and office parties), hot and cold Hors D’oervres, dinner entrees and side dishes, and bakery items. The back panel (shown here) features other catering / market items such as appetizers, salads, super-sized sandwiches and sides.

“Our customers were blown away by this new catering menu,” says Chef Edgar. “We used to run off black and white copies of our menu, which worked but didn’t really inspire their imaginations. This new menu is gorgeous and really impresses the high-end customers that we want to serve.”