Gina Schaefer's Speeches

  • From Software to Hardware: By following her gut, Gina Schaefer went from translating tech-speak into Portuguese for IBM to owning 9 ACE Hardware stores in DC and Baltimore. And, she met her husband and business partner in the process. In this speech, Gina shares insights into how you can let intuition be your guide, too.
  • Grab Your Drill, Ladies. It’s time to do business: The cliche of making it in a man’s world, unfortunately, is still true in male-dominated industries like hardware. Although there are plenty of women who own stores in the ACE Hardware cooperative, they are still the minority of the company based in Oak Brook, Illinois that generated more than $3.5 billion last year. If Gina has her way, that trend will change in 2014 and beyond. In this speech, she explains how.
  • Buying Local Isn’t a Slogan—It’s the Future: The resurgence of mom and pop shops is happening across America for good reason. It’s easier, cheaper, and important for the environment and economy to shop locally. “Retail stores rely on the folks in the neighborhood to support them, which is good for the entire community,” Gina insists. In this speech, she takes a deep dive into the trends and economics.

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