Carol Kinsey Goman's Speaking Topics

The Silent Language of Leaders

In this speech you’ll learn:

  • Two sets of nonverbal signals people look for in leaders – and the circumstances that make one more effective than the other.
  • Body language strategies for collaboration, change management, negotiation, and working with cross-cultural teams.
  • How to read the body language of your team members, to find out what they really think.

The Truth About Lies in the Workplace

Based on her bestselling book, Carol will provide insights into:

  • The 12 verbal and nonverbal cues for spotting liars at work – and strategies for
    dealing with them.
  • How our biases and assumptions play into the hands of liars.
  • How to reduce lies and build a culture for candor in your team or organization.

Body Language for Women Who Lead

In this speech, Carol shares:

  • The 10 body language traps that rob women leaders of their power and authority
  • Impression management: How to project power, confidence and charisma.
  • You’ll also sharpening your skill at reading other people’s body language from head to toes.

The Power of Collaborative Leadership

You’ll learn:

  • The high cost of low collaboration – why it matters to individuals and organizations.
  • Why people don’t tell what they know – and how to overcome those barriers.
  • Building the 5 levels of trust that are the foundation of collaboration.

Body Language for Sales

In this speech, Carol explains:

  • How to make a positive impression in the first 7 seconds – and maintain it throughout the entire meeting.
  • Verbal and nonverbal strategies for dealing with disengagement.
  • How to spot the prospect’s body language signals of uncertainty, resistance, deception, and “ready to buy.”

Leading Change

What are the 5 biggest mistakes leaders make when leading change? In this speech you’ll find out, and also learn:

  • How to build change-adeptness in your team or organization.
  • The difference between incremental, transformative and continuous change.
  • The emotional literacy needed to lead people through all.

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