Praise for Carol Kinsey Goman

Lee Hornick, Conference Coordinator, The Conference Board
The all-time greatest speaker I have ever worked with. I’ve worked with Carol numerous times over a 15-year period. She has an incredible rapport and ability to connect with the audience. I’ve seen her present to an audience of CEOs and totally blow them away. Her material is always original and fresh, and she knows it like a book.

Robert Pearl, MD, Executive Director and CEO, The Permanente Medical Group Permanente Medical Group
The afternoon discussion was excellent focusing on the five stages of change and how we can help others to move along the curve. What is most powerful for our medical group are expert models that we can continue to apply as change happens. You gave us just what we need, and I know we will be asking you to present to additional audiences in the future.

Debbie Verdream, Human Resources Director, BETA Healthcare Group
I want to thank you for your enlightening and stimulating presentation on Body Language. It was the perfect way to conclude our BETA Healthcare Group Annual Retreat. Your delivery was so engaging that we lost all track of time. Thanks again sharing your in-depth knowledge and for introducing us to such valuable techniques in silent communications.

Zhanara Amans, Director, Go-To-Market Scale, Salesforce
Thank you sooooo much for making such a great event today on The Silent Language of Leaders. We are receiving a lot of very positive feedback and comments from the participants. People really appreciated the content and are sharing their learnings from the session!