In the News: Kim and Edgar Alvarez Featured in Philadelphia Business Journal

Young entrepreneurs are spotlighted in article, “To market, to market, to buy a dinner to remember,” by reporter Adam Stone

Hope Katz Gibbs, Delaware Market House, 703-346-6975


GLADWYNE, PA, September 19, 2008—Young entrepreneurs Kim and Edgar Alvarez were featured today in a front page article in an Philadelphia Business article entitled, “To market, to market, to buy a dinner to remember,” by reporter Adam Stone.

Stone writes, “As business plans go, it’s perhaps not the most sophisticated. But it sure is straightforward. Kim and Edgar Alvarez have a catering business to run, they’ve got a retail shop to manage, and they have ambitions for growth. Their strategy: Make the best food they can.”

“You need to offer more than just the basic things that people see at a run-of-the-mill party,” Chef Edgar told Stone. “In this business you need to have something that makes you stand out from everybody else.”

The husband-and-wife team has been striving to stand out ever since buying Delaware Market House here in 2004, explained Stone. “The space has been associated with food dating back more than 100 years, when it served as a general store selling flour, feed and other staples of the era.

“These days the operation sets out more sophisticated fare, thanks to an international menu developed largely by Kim and Guatemalan-born Edgar. Hors d’oeuvres on the catering menu included dishes as chicken satay, spanakopita and vegetarian potstickers. Entrees run the gamut, from orange ginger sesame chicken to short ribs to cranberry almond-crusted salmon.”

Kim told Stone that the 12 Market House employees are close knit, as happens in smaller places. That’s good, she explained, because “People know the score and they know one another. But sometimes a family atmosphere can be too family.

“We’re like mom and dad here, so if something goes wrong, they go to daddy,” Kim said. “But if he says one thing, maybe mommy will say something else. So we have to make sure we stay on solid ground together.”

Read about the entrepreneur’s triumphs and challenges here, and on the website of the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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About the Delaware Market House

Originally built in the early 1900s, the Delaware Market House long been a go-to-spot in Gladwyne, PA. Hungry residents came looking for a hearty meal, a hot cup of coffee, and good conversation. Award-winning Philadelphia Chefs Kim and Edgar Alvarez bought the Market in 2004 and continue the tradition by catering luncheons, parties and holiday meals, and serving up gourmet meals, fresh produce, baked goods, the finest cuts of meat, and providing customers with all the supermarket necessities of life—from cartons of fresh milk and bread to laundry detergent and diapers. For details call 610-642-7120 or visit