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About the DC Health Summit

On October 29, more than 100 guests were part of an exciting discussion about the role that health promotion and worksite wellness programs play within the workplace — and the potential that such programs have on the direct and indirect costs associated with health and productivity.

“For the first time, leaders from the health insurance industry, hospital administrators, physicians, politicians and corporate leaders gathered to discuss the future of health care in the U.S.,” says Stephanie Cohen, owner of the health benefits company Golden & Cohen, who is hosting the 2008 DC Health Summit.

“My goal was to open a discussion about how increasing workplace wellness can impact health care costs,” she explains. “Although this is only one aspect of the debate on the future of health care, it is a start to what I hope will be a continuing dialog between policymakers, doctors, insurance companies, doctors and the business community. I hope every business leader and health care professional we invite has the opportunity to attend this important event.”

The keynote speaker was workplace wellness expert Dr. Steven Aldana, who talked about how corporate wellness programs can positively impact a company’s bottom line.

Following him was Barack Obama spokeswoman Melinda Beeuwkes Buntin Ph.D., who shared key points of the Obama / Biden health care plan with the audience.

The attention turned to an all-star health care panel including Virginia Senator George Barker, Kaiser Permanente’s Director of Population Care Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, Neurosurgeon Dr. James Melisi, the National Rehabilitation Hospital’s VP Dr. Paul Rao, Maryland’s former Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer, and UnitedHealthcare COO Dr. Sanford Cohen.

The event was moderated by futurist Andy Hines, director of customer projects at the futurist research and consulting firm Social Technologies.