Catalog: GWU School of Science

Writing and concept by Hope Katz Gibbs
Illustration by Michael Gibbs
Art director: Mary Argodale

Challenge: Promote the 10 programs within the University’s School of Science, giving each a unique look but with common elements to make all the promotional materials cohesive.

Solution: Hope hired illustrator Michael Gibbs to create one painting for each of the programs. Each had specific theme (such as the microscope, pictured here on the cover of the Science catalog).

Working closely with the art department, the artwork was used on a variety of catalogs, brochures, and posters to promote each school.

Inside: Hope wrote profiles of the staff and students. Photographer Cindy Seip took artistic shots of the students to illustrate the work they are doing in a variety of disciplines—environmental studies (Amit Saluja measured a tree), pre-med (Walter Lee used a stethoscope to listen to a statue of Ben Franklin, and math (Melissa Moore passionately hugged her calculator).

Outcome: The combination of art and science seemed to captivate the faculty and incoming students.