Brochure: University Honors Program [The George Washington University]

Writing and concept by Hope Katz Gibbs
Art director: Mary Argodale
Client: GWU

Challenge: Inspire more incoming freshmen and sophomores to apply for GWU’s Honors Program.

Solution: Our team decided to get the student’s attention with an oversized blue / yellow brochure (school colors) with red accents. We came up with a slightly challenging headline: “Think you’re smart?” Inside it read, “So do we.”

In smaller print we painted a picture about what it is like to be an Honors student at the collegiate level. Then used large and smaller type to accent key points [a precursor to today’s bubble clouds]: imagination, excitement, creativity, unconventional, choices, powerful, uncommon.

Outcome: Calls to the guidance department about the rigor of the Honors Program rose dramatically in the weeks following the mailing of the brochure.