Brochure: GWU Presidential Arts Scholarship

by Hope Katz Gibbs
Senior Publications Coordinator
Office of Enrollment Management
The George Washington University
Art director: Mary Argodale
Spring 1993

Challenge: Create a brochure that will inspire students to apply for the GWU Presidential Arts Scholarship.

Solution: In collaboration with the art department, created a unique artsy two-fold brochure. Bold colors were muted to suggest the intensity of the program. With a photographer, I traveled around the university to capture the students and faculty in motion. Quotes from successful performers in all the discipline areas (dance, drama, music, fine art) were used throughout.

“I do everything I know how in a dance.” — Twyla Tharp
“Drama is life with its dull bits cut out.” — Alfred Hitchcock
“Music is the arithmetic of sounds, as optics is the geometry of light.” — Claude Debussy
“ … the artist has only to trust his eyes.” — Auguste Rodin

Outcome: Applications were up by 10% for the Presidential Arts Scholarship in 1993 than in any year before.