What It Means to Win Arlington’s Best Business Award

By Lyndsey DePalma
Founder and President
House of Steep

In June 2013, my company, House of Steep, was awarded Arlington’s Best Business Award. This is a big accomplishment in this county, which I believe is one of the best places to do business in Northern Virginia.

The announcement said we won because House of Steep demonstrated significant growth, and that it has had an exemplary impact on the community.

I am blown away by this honor.

Being only 8 months old, it was unlikely that we’d win such a prestigious award. What sets House of Steep apart from other fast-growing businesses in the county is largely that our hearts are still in the right place. Much of our growth is a direct correlation of caring for the community that has cared so much to ensure our success.

In the weeks since the announcement, that confirmation has grounded me and my team as we ride the start-up wave.

It has also made me think about what it means to compete, win, and successfully grow a business.

Given the turbulent times, perhaps it should come as no surprise that a company that focuses on helping its patrons and neighbors achieve success will itself succeed.

The key for us has been to align with the lifeblood that pumps through our system—health, wellness, tea, and relaxation.

For House of Steep, this philosophy wasn’t part of a highly crafted strategic plan. Rather, it was something that was intrinsically important to me from the moment I had the idea to launch this company.

It may be kismet that our first location, at 3800 Lee Highway in Arlington, is set in a community of like-minded people. But again, this spot kept winking at me when I was scouting locations. I just knew this was the right spot to open our first shop.

Here are winning steps to take toward business success:

  • Know yourself, and reflect the best of you back into your business. This is the essence of my company. When I advise other entrepreneurs, I encourage them to make that inner knowing part of their decision-making process and their branding.
  • I also suggest that small business owners surround themselves with like-minded supporters who will nurture and guide them to success. It’s like picking the right friends when you are in high school. Be careful whom you let into your inner circle—and into your head.
  • And remember, what defines success is relative to your goals. That doesn’t always mean making a ton of money, but it does mean making an impact.

Need some help tapping into your inner knowing?

1. When in doubt, brew a piping pot of House of Steep tea, whip out a journal—or even a sheet of paper—and start writing down all the things that you most want, need, and desire.

2. Refer back to it periodically and make modifications, for as you grow and change, so will your desires and ambitions.

3. And keep this in mind: While we so often look to others’ views of success to validate our own progress, if I can get quiet enough, I find that the little successes are the ones that matter most.

I invite you to take this challenge.

Throughout this month, celebrate one thing every day that you are proud of. Write each one down in a journal.

On August 1, look back at all you have accomplished. I think you will be more proud of yourself than you could imagine. I know I am!

Here’s to steeping it up! And thank you Arlington, VA, for seeing us for who we truly are!

About Lyndsey DePalma and the House of Steep

Lyndsey DePalma is the founder of the new Arlington, VA, tea house and reflexology studio, House of Steep, where visitors discover the treasure that is tea and the power of reflexology to heal and harmonize.

Before coming up with the concept for House of Steep, DePalma yearned to find a place to relax, and just be, for a while each day. Not satisfied with any of the existing answers and armed with some entrepreneurial hard-wiring and a respect for natural healing, DePalma left her corporate career in human resources to bridge the gap.

Since October of 2010, House of Steep has been taking up residence in DePalma’s heart and will become the ultimate destination for busy corporate citizens, casual connections, bridal parties, street shoppers, believers in alternative healing, moms and grandmoms, yogis and yoginis, consultants, crafters, lovers, and the rest of us.

For more information, visit www.houseofsteep.com.