Bryan Beatty on Inflation: How Does It Impact Your Retirement Plan?

February 22, 2013 — On the Feb. 22 episode of “Let’s Talk Live!,” financial planner Bryan Beatty talks about the complicated topic of inflation with reporter Sonya Gavankar.

An expert on the topic, Beatty clarified some of the more confusing details of what inflation is, and how it applies to a retirement plan.

Beatty shared the nitty-gritty with Gavankar, who asked:

  1. First, the concept of inflation is something that most people think they understand, but on deeper investigation may not necessarily. Can you explain how inflation works in a way that is easy to understand?
  2. What causes inflation?
  3. Is this a win-lose situation? Specifically, who wins when inflation is high, and who loses? Conversely, who wins and loses when inflation is low?
  4. Now, the million-dollar question: In a retirement plan, why is inflation expectation important?

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