Event Press Release: Dr. Steven Aldana to be Keynote Speaker at DC Health Summit

Contact: Hope Katz Gibbs, Inkandescent Public Relations
email / Phone: 703-346-6975


Politicians, health insurance company executives, physicians, academics and hospital administrators come together to discuss the future of health care and importance of workplace wellness

Gaithersburg MD, September 15, 2008—On October 29, 2008 the health care benefits company Golden & Cohen is hosting the first annual DC Health Summit, a meeting of some of the top minds in the health care industry who will discuss and debate the future of health care in the United States.

“Research by the U.S. Department of Commerce shows that in 2006, more than $2.1 trillion was spent on health care in the United States,” says Stephanie Cohen, (pictured right) CEO of Golden & Cohen. “That represents 16% of the Gross Domestic Product. By 2017 the amount of money spent on health care is expected to increase to nearly $4.3 trillion, and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) projects that by then health care will account for about 20 percent of GDP.”

These increasing costs mean policymakers, insurers, and the public are going to face some difficult decisions about the way health care is delivered and paid for, she adds.

“I have been in the trenches of the health care insurance industry for more than a decade, and what I see happening to my clients when they try to collect on their benefits not only disturbs me as a business owner — it infuriates me as a U.S. citizen and a mother,” Cohen explains. “That is why my partners and I at Golden & Cohen decided to host the DC Health Summit. Our goal is to bring the decision makers together—politicians, health insurance company executives, physicians, academics and hospital administrators—so we can start to come up with workable solutions.”