Press Release: Are You a "Top Dog"? Find Out in the July 2013 Issue of Be Inkandescent magazine


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How Competitive Are You?

Washington DC, July 1, 2013 — “If you are like most business owners, competition drives you,” understands Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher of Be Inkandescent magazine. “That’s why we tackle the topic in the July issue.”

Featuring interviews with Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman’s new book, Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing, the entire issue features insight into their in-depth research.

“For a decade, it’s been a constant drumbeat, issued by leaders of our nation and corporations, to employees and even to our youngest students: we must all be more competitive,” explains Merryman, who with Bronson shares insights into:

  • When Worriers beat Warriors—and when they don’t.
  • Why Michelangelo needed an agent.
  • The power of the home-field advantage.

Merryman and Bronson also provide 7 Tips for Entrepreneurs, including:

  1. Find a Contest
  2. Think About What Went Wrong the Right Way
  3. In General, Beware of Following “The General Rule”

Also in the July issue of Be Inkandescent magazine:

  • Rita Moreno, now 81, has rocked the red carpet for decades. Learn about her life as an actress, dancer, and barrier breaker for Hispanics as this month’s Truly Amazing Woman.
  • Kristine Carlson takes us beyond the concept of winning and losing with her TEDx Talk on what it means to wake up to an inspired life. She’s this month’s featured Inkandescent Speaker.
  • Dave Beck gives us insight into whether we need long-term-care insurance in this month’s Retirement column. And Certified Financial Planner Rita Cheng shares her thoughts on what it truly means to win or lose in the investment game in her column on managing Wealth.
  • Blo of San Francisco is our featured fashionista company this month. Co-owner Sonja K. explains how as a 20something she is gaining a competitive edge providing customers with style, sass, and “frequent-dryer miles” in this month’s Fashion column.
  • And speaking of winners, meet our team of Inkandescent Interns for summer 2013. These six high school and college students are all scholars and critical thinkers who have an ambition to learn about our holistic approach to PR and marketing. Led by our former intern, and current editorial assistant Ashley Freund, we are excited about what they’ll accomplish and learn. Stay tuned for more.

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About Be Inkandescent magazine:

Be Inkandescent is the online magazine for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Published by Inkandescent Public Relations, a PR and publishing company founded in 2008 that helps entrepreneurs get the visibility they need to keep their companies growing.

In January 2010, founder and president Hope Katz Gibbs, a journalist since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communications in 1986, launched the online magazine to spread the word about the great entrepreneurial businesses and ideas her clients were spearheading. With more than 50,000 subscribers and 750,000 visits/month, it also offers useful tips to other entrepreneurs who are either new to the “work for yourself” world, or are looking to take their companies to the next level.

The gem of the magazine is the regular cover story featuring a high profile Entrepreneur of the Month. These savvy heavy hitters also offer valuable Tips for Entrepreneurs that any business owner can immediately put into practice.

Clients of Inkandescent Public Relations are featured in each issue. Prospective clients, and entrepreneurs who have a great story to tell, are invited to purchase advertorial and ad space on the ezine.

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