In the News: Alice Waagen featured in Washington Examiner

WASHINGTON EXAMINER, October 13, 2008 — Alice Waagen, PhD, president of Workforce Learning of Reston, VA, was featured today in “Entry Level Careers,” a regular column by Washington Examiner reporter Heather Huhman.

“Gen Y is experiencing more difficulty transitioning from the classroom to the workplace than previous generations,” Huhman wrote, noting a recent JobFox poll found Gen Y workers are perceived by recruiters as being the weakest performers among the four generations that now make up the U.S. workforce.

“What can you do to make the transition seamless and foster success?,” she asked.

Huhman got some pointers from Waagen, who said:

Dress to impress. “Pay no attention to published corporate dress codes. Dress to the level that you aspire. Don’t wear jeans just because your fellow entry-level workers wear jeans. What does your boss wear? Match your attire to one level up the ladder.”

Listen, listen and listen. “Keep a mental monitor on all interactions and make sure that you are speaking no more than 50 percent of the time. Use electronics only when you can’t talk face to face.”

Steer clear of office politics. “Find a mentor, someone who is considered successful in the organization that can guide you in navigating the political waters.”

Don’t loose your outward focus. “Build and maintain a professional network outside of your organization. This network will help you know when and how to move on. Have a plan – where do you want to be in three, five and 10 years? Work your personal and professional development toward those goals.”

Build and keep a budget. “Don’t get trapped in a job you hate because you can’t afford to quit and move on.”

Get enough sleep. “You need to be alert and functioning every day for at least eight hours. You can’t do that consistently on three hours of sleep. Tardiness and absenteeism are sure career killers.”

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