Menu: Yom Kippur 2008 [Delaware Market House]

Design by Michael Gibbs
Concept and Writing by Hope Gibbs
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Goal: With a successful, affordable, and more elegant holiday menu already in circulation weeks before for the Rosh Hashana holiday, chefs Kim and Edgar hired Inkandescent to create another menu for Yom Kippur.

Solution: Following the same branding, quality, and approach of the Rosh Hashana menu, Michael Gibbs designed an equally beautiful Yom Kippur catering menu — this time with a bit more color. The response was amazing.

“We did the same thing as before, distributing 8000 in the local newspaper and mailing out the remaining menus to our clients,” says Chef Kim. “I couldn’t believe how many calls we got. I think we definitely found the right marketing strategy by working with Inkandescent PR.”