In the News: Lyndsey DePalma's House of Steep Featured in The Washington Post

March 12, 2013, Washington Post — “Most eateries have a place to sit down while your takeout order is being prepared,” writes Food editor Nevin Martell. “It’s exceedingly rare that a foot bath is recommended to help pass the time. But that’s what happens at House of Steep, which opened last September in Arlington.”

He adds: “The narrow space offers something of a triple play: teahouse and cafe in the front, “foot sanctuary” in the back. The concept was developed by 31-year-old Arlingtonian Lyndsey DePalma, who says she was inspired by her great-grandmother.”

DePalma explains: “She soaked her feet every day, lived to a ripe old age, was healthy as a horse and had a happy life. So I thought there might be something to the whole foot soaking business.”

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About Lyndsey DePalma and the House of Steep

This 30something go-getter is the founder of new Arlington, VA tea house and reflexology studio—about the treasure that is tea, the power of reflexology to heal and harmonize, and her entrepreneurial dreams for the future.

Before coming up with the concept for her urban oasis, DePalma was a wannabe customer herself of a food and tea sanctuary where she could relax, and just be, for a while each day.

Not satisfied with any of the existing outlets that offered tea or foot soaks and reflexology, the former HR expert decided to put her entrepreneurial finesse to the test and with 18 months opened the doors to Arlington’s House of Steep.

Her goal is to make “Steep” the ultimate destination for busy corporate citizens, casual connections, bridal parties, street shoppers, believers in alternative healing, moms and grandmoms, yogis and yoginis, consultants, crafters, lovers, and the rest of us.

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