Press Release: Alice Waagen to speak at Women Entrepreneurs’ Expo


What: Women Entrepreneurs’ Expo 2008
When: Friday, October 24, 2008
Where: The Waterford in Springfield, 6715 Commerce St., Springfield VA
Topic: Managing Growth — Knowing When and How to Hire Help
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Herndon VA, October 1, 2008 — Leadership development expert Alice Waagen, PhD, will be a featured speaker at the Women Entrepreneurs’ Expo in Springfield, VA on Oct. 24, and will present a workshop on “Managing Growth: Knowing when and how to hire help.”

“Like many business owners, I’ve been faced with the challenge of wanting to increase revenue—but not knowing exactly how I’d pay for the additional help needed to grow my company,” explains Waagen, owner of Workforce Learning, LLC. “Rather than pull anyone on as an employee, I have contracted with nearly a dozen professionals who help me with sales and development, PR and marketing, tech support, and finance and legal issues. Their work has freed me to up to do what I do best — conduct intensive workshops that provide managers and C-level executives with the skills and knowledge they need to build a more productive work environment.”

This important topic is also the featured article of Waagen’s September-October newsletter, Workforce Learning, available on her website, In it, Reston Limousine owner Kristina Bouweiri explains how she managed growth at her $15 million company (, and Bob Corlett, president of Staffing Advisors (, talks at length about how he dealt with a similar dilemma a few years ago.

“I knew I needed to grow my staff if I wanted to —and not only opted to increase his full-time employee roster, but developed the Results-Based Hiring Process® — a product that helped him gain control over every aspect of the staffing service,” Corlett says. “As a result, he is fully staffed and better prepared to help his clients achieve their goals.”

Waagen notes that she is excited to attend this year’s Women Entrepreneurs’ Expo, which is held each October and sponsored by the Women’s Business Center of Northern Virginia as its annual fundraiser.

“In 2007, the event was held at the Waterford in Springfield, sold out two weeks in advance and included 430 participants, 84 vendors (both small businesses and those who support small businesses), 12 workshops featuring 26 speakers, luncheon discussions with 50 local VIPs (politicians and subject matter experts), raffle prizes and an inspirational speakers,” Waagen adds. “I am honored to be part of this year’s event, which I’m sure will draw even bigger crowds.”

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About Alice Waagen’s Workforce Learning
Workforce Learning LLC is a leadership development company that provides managers and C-level executives with the skills and knowledge they need to build a more productive work environment. Since founding the company in 1997, owner Alice Waagen, PhD, has developed highly effective leadership programs and coaching workshops that teach the people in charge how to motivate and inspire employees. For more information, visit

About the Women Entrepreneurs’ Expo
The Women Entrepreneurs’ Expo is sponsored by the Women’s Business Center of Northern Virginia is a program of the Community Business Partnership (CBP). CBP is a sponsored program of George Mason University’s School of Public Policy and the Mason Enterprise Center. For details, visit