In the News: Sharon Armstrong featured in Washington Examiner article

WASHINGTON EXAMINER, Sept. 26, 2008 — “It’s amazing how many internship and entry-level candidates hand references over to potential employers either without informing the references beforehand or without being entirely certain what their references will say about them,” writes reporter Heather Huhman in a Sept. 26 Washington Examiner article.

That’s not a good idea, insists HR expert Sharon Armstrong, for statistics show that 99% of the time those references will likely get a call.

“I once checked a reference and the person at the other end said, ‘Was that the person with the Mohawk haircut who just walked out one day and never came back?” Armstrong, author of The Essential HR Handbook, told Human.

A better plan, Huhman writes, is to prepare a list of three vetted references — and listing professors is ok.

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About Sharon Armstrong
Sharon Armstrong began her career in human resources in 1985 as a recruiter/trainer in a large Manhattan law firm. Since launching her own consulting business in 2000, she has provided training and completed HR projects for hundreds of clients. Sharon is the author of two HR books: The Essential HR Handbook, published in 2008; Stress-free Performance Appraisals, which she co-wrote in 2003 with Madelyn Appelbaum.

About Heather Huhman
Columnist, Entry Level Careers /
Heather Huhman has been a mentor to individuals seeking entry-level positions, particularly in the public relations field, for many years. She has “been there, done that” when it comes to young careers.

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