PR IN A BOX — Inkandescent Menu of Services: Packages + Prices 2013

Inkandescent Public Relations is a full-service PR, marketing, publishing, and website design firm that helps entrepreneurs get more visibility.

Our mission: Since 2001, we have been promoting entrepreneurs, educators, futurists, thought leaders, authors, artists, artisans, chefs, restauranteurs, doctors, attorneys, financial planners, and other successful professionals who are ready to take their businesses to the next level. We incorporated in 2008 under the Inkandescent brand to help clients come up with successful strategies to grow their businesses using PR, marketing, advertising, and publishing tools.

Our philosophy: Creating fireworks for our clients is the key to spreading the word, but unless you catch the embers, your moments in the limelight will be just a pretty memory. So, our goal is to capture and promote the qualities and characteristics that make your company stand out from the competition.

Our approach: Our team follows our trademarked “8 Steps to PR Success,” from our Inkandescent Rulebook, PR Rules: The Playbook.

Here’s how we will help you and your company:

1. Create a stunning website.
2. Develop an explosive PR campaign.
3. Make a splash in the news.
4. Write a column in a magazine.
5. Network wisely!
6. Join a speakers bureau.
7. Write a book.
8. Pay it forward.

How can we help you become unforgettable? Choose one of the packages, below, from our Inkandescent Menu of Services.

The Inkandescent PR Package

Cost: 25 hours / month @ $160 / hour

  • $4,000 / month for a 6-month commitment
  • $3,750 / month for a 1-year commitment

This package includes our top 10 services:

Inkandescent Website Package

Cost: $12,500 for up to 12-pages

  • Add $1,500 for each additional page
  • Add $5,000 for e-commerce sites

This package includes:

  • Design of website
  • Programming in textpattern
  • Writing, editing
  • Posting of stock (and / or your original) photos
  • Three client reviews, with changes for additional reviews made at our hourly rate
  • Management and maintenance of your website for the length of your contract. When the contract ends, we will teach you to manage and maintain your website yourself for an additional $500
  • Note: Photo shoots are recommended, and start at $1,000 for a half-day shoot; $1,750 for full-day shoot (you then own the images, which will be provided on a DVD)
  • Note: The cost of the website does not include web-hosting, but we will facilitate finding an appropriate hosting company for your website

Turnaround time: 6 weeks or less

  • Design = 2 weeks
  • Programming = 1 week (upon approval of design)
  • Writing, editing, photos = 3 weeks (maximum)

Payment plan:

  • Upon approval of the design of your website, 50% of the fee is due
  • Upon acceptance of final website, the remaining 50% is due
  • Upon receipt of the check, our team will take your new website live

Inkandescent Newsletter Package

Option 1: Single document newsletter with three articles
Cost: $2,500 / issue

This one-pager includes:

  • Intro
  • Main feature
  • Sidebar article
  • Writing, editing, blast out to your database
  • Original design of template + creation of newsletter account — add $500, one-time fee

Option 2: Multi-page newsletter with minimum of three pages
Cost: $3,000 / issue, add $500 for each additional page

The multi-page newsletter includes:

  • P1 Intro, table of contents
  • P2 Main feature story with sidebar
  • P3 Secondary feature with sidebar
  • P4 + P5, etc., as needed: additional features

The Inkandescent Newsletter package also comes with the following services:

The Be Inkandescent Magazine Columnist Package:

Cost: $500 / month, with a 6-month commitment

This package includes:

  • Monthly column on, which gets 500,000+ hits / month
  • 1 press release / month (featuring the topic of your Be Inkandescent magazine article) that is posted on the national wire service
  • An ad on the Inkandescent websites that links to your website; the ad stays live through the duration of your contract (ad design and creation included)
  • Invitation to be included on our speakers bureau:


  • Articles are 500-1,000 words
  • Columnists are told the theme of each issue in advance, and they write their article from their industry perspective based on the theme
  • Your byline, photo, and link to your website are included at the top of each article
  • A bio and link to your website is included at the bottom of each article
  • Your bio and photo are included on our Columnists page:

The Inkandescent Radio Show Package:

Cost: $500 / month, with a 6-month commitment

This package includes:

  • Monthly radio show on the Inkandescent Radio Network,,
  • One press release / month (featuring the topic of the new episode of the show)
  • An ad for the show on the Inkandescent websites that links to your show on the Inkandescent Radio Network
  • Invitation to be included on our speakers bureau:


  • Shows are approximately 30 minutes in length
  • The Inkandescent Radio team will provide assistance coordinating interviews for the show
  • Our Inkandescent Radio producer will assist with purchasing music and recording an introduction for the show
  • The producer will also handle the production of the show
  • Our radio team will help write liner notes for each episode and upload the show to the Inkandescent Radio Network

The Inkandescent Speakers Bureau Package:

This is an invitation-only Speakers Bureau that features the nation’s top futurists, veteran entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who educate and inspire audiences about best practices in small business.

This offering includes:


Our à la carte offerings include:

  • An advertisement of your business and / or services on all of Inkandescent websites: $250 / 6 months ($400 / year)
  • Column on, our monthly, online magazine: $500 with a 6-month commitment (includes ad)
  • Advertising campaigns, including purchase and management of ads, design, copyediting: TBD
  • Media outreach: starting at $160 / hour (min. 10 hours)
  • Monthly newsletter to market your business: starting at $2,500 / issue
  • Videos of your events, for use in commercials, and to post on your site and YouTube: TBD

Start Shining Brighter Today!

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