Book PR: The Essential HR Handbook [The Website]

Design by Michael Gibbs
Site by Max Kukoy
Writing / Concept by Hope Katz Gibbs

Created for human resources experts and authors Barbara Mitchell and Sharon Armstrong, “The Essential HR Handbook website is an easy-to-navigate site that focuses on the benefits of their backgrounds and useful guidebook.

The site also serves to illustrate the knowledge that both experts have developed in the field of human resources through articles and blog postings.

Additionally, the site helps to serve as a resource for those looking for HR experts to assist at their firms, for it profiles other professionals each month who work with Sharon Armstrong through her HR brokerage firm, Sharon Armstrong & Associates.

Both authors say they are pleased with the site and the effectiveness of the Inkandescent PR campaign:

Sharon Armstrong notes: The best business decision I made this year was to call Hope Katz Gibbs. She listened, asked relevant questions, then offered expert guidance that reflects her wealth of knowledge about PR. She offered invaluable recommendations to help my co-author and I get the word out about our new book and my consulting practice. Her work for us has resulted in increased book sales and more referrals for my business. Hope is creative, practical, and a delight to work with. She has terrific writing skills and incredible insights into an industry I knew nothing about. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Barbara Mitchell shares: Hope is a delight to work with. She is extremely creative and is always challenging us to consider new ideas and to move beyond where we would have gone on our own! She is responsive, deadline-oriented and constantly exceeds my expectations of the role of a publicist. I highly recommend Hope to anyone thinking of moving their business beyond where they are today — she has the ideas to help you get there!