Blog: Perceptiion

Blog by Illustrator Michael Gibbs

Michael Gibbs’ blog, perceptiion gives readers insight into how an award-winning illustrator thinks and looks at the world.

Recent postings included an announcement that his work was featured in Novum, a German magazine covering the work of designers, illustrators and photographers. “Each year it publishes a special Illustration issue. The current issue (October 2008) features “a selection of illustrators worth seeing:” nine illustrators from around the world (USA, Italy, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Japan and three from Germany),” he wrote. “I am proud to be one of those nine illustrators. The article, which is essentially an interview prefaced by some truly flattering comments from the editor, can be found on my website.”

Another entry, entitled Here’s the Catch, talked about Gibbs’ struggle to know what’s best for his son: team sports or art class.